Wafu Sohonke

和風総本家SP - 「日本の職人24時」01.19.12

This show introduces shokunin (craftsmen) in Japan. Benibana some, Hokkaido kegani, Onsen, Mawata futon etc.

Topic : TV番組
Genre : TV/Radio

Sekai no minna ni kiite mita!

世界のみんなに聞いてみた! - 11.01.12

This show introduces various customs, values, and news from countries all over the world!
Taichi kokubu, Tetsuro Degawa, Sarina Suzuki, Shitara, Takahashi

Topic : TV番組
Genre : TV/Radio

Takeshi no Kyoukasho ni noranai nippon jin no nazo

たけしの教科書に載らない日本人の謎 - 01.09.12

This is interesting! The show goes over how the Japanese language was developped over the thousands of years. Kanji, katakana, hiraga, on-yomi and kun-yomi etc. Takeshi Kitano is the host.

Topic : TV番組
Genre : TV/Radio

Era~i sensei no gakusetsu ga hontou ka? Uso ka? Athlete ga jikken Special

偉~い先生の学説が本当か?ウソか?アスリートが実験SP - 01/06/12

Athletes examine hypotheses by great masters!

Topic : TV番組
Genre : TV/Radio

Honto ni sore de iino ?! - 12.01.04

ホントにそれでイイの?! - 12.01.04
"Honto ni kore de iino!?" This show is like the MythBusters. They exam emergency situations and give you the correct knowledge for you to survive.

Topic : TV番組
Genre : TV/Radio

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