Do you want to learn Japanese?

Do you want to learn Japanese?
I bet some of you already understand some or a lot of Japanese language. I'm a native Japanese speaker, so my experience is different than yours, but learning English was a smiler experience for me.

Many of my friends who leaned Japanese said that learning speaking and listening was not that hard. I completely agree with them. Also, learning hiragana and katakana is not hard either. The language is phonetic, so if you know the sound of words, you can spell with hiragana and katakana.

Another step is leaning kanji. Kanji is the Chinese characters that Japanese adopted. This one is pretty tough since one kanji can have various ways of reading: one is similar to Chinese pronunciation (but not completely) and the others are Japanese readings. This is doable, though. I know a guy who can read old style kanjis from the 19th century! Impressive.

Watching TV and movies is definitely one of the best ways to be familiar with your new language. I did this A LOT! Also, I read Japanese manga (comics) that were written (translated) in English. And, I played video games! Most of them were role-playing such as Final Fantasy, Silent Hills, and Resident Evil etc. The stories don't go any farther without me because I was the controller. So, I was able to take time and understand the conversations, narrations, and small written things in the games.

Here are some suggestions that I found for you.
Also, if you have questions about how to say things, let me know! I'd be happy to give you examples☆

まんが マンガ Manga Comics in Japanese

This is a original Japanese version Detective Conan 1. If you order this from (USA), it costs around $35! It's much cheaper to order from amazon Japan including shipping.

       One Piece        Sekai ichi Hatsu koi       Death Note          Inuyasha

DVDs and Blu-rays
Please make sure that DVD and Blu-ray regional codes may not match with your countries. You need a regional free DVD player or software for your computer.

     Death Note    FULL METAL ALCHEMIST    Nodame Cantabile     Samurai

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Welcome! This site introduces links to videos of Japanese TV shows and hot topics. If you have requests, please let me know! I'll find them and include in my blog ♫




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Long time ago, I used manga (comics) books that translated in English to learn English. It was one of the best methods I used. I chose familiar stories and looking at pictures while I read English conversations in the comic was super helpful! You can do the same for learning Japanese ♪

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